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MM Century 2104 reg# 207204
• One of the last great bull bred by Marshall Mohler

• CSS semen qualified for shipment to Europe, NZ, and Australia

MARC Raymond 26026 reg# 7125

• EPD breed leader for years. Thick, gentle, and a long life.

GS Goodfellow reg# 202403
• In service until 12 years of age, in Scott herd longer than any other bull

• I recommend this bull for heifers. He is deep red, thick, and with a smaller frame

• 2000 National champion and all-time top selling Red Poll bull at auction

• His dam was picture perfect Red Poll cow
We have limited amounts of semen from the following bulls listed below. With the registration numbers, you may view their pedigrees online at the American Red Poll website.

GS Special Edition reg. #8651

GS Discovery reg. #4688 - 1989 National Champion correct and thick

GS Pathfinder reg. #200477 - 1999 National Champion

GS Top Notch reg. #006869 - Carcass registered dam

Pinpur Broadcaster reg. #94362 - National Champion, great meat and maternal traits

GS Orbitor reg. #4270 - Ribeye untrasound 17.4 at 15 months of age. Sire of the sires Magellan, Challlenger, and Keystone

GS Topper reg. #03723/GR23h - 1985 National reserve champion calf. Ribeye ultrasound 18.8 at 27 months of age unassisted birth to 24 month old heifer.

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Functional - with Class!

Sire: 0634 GS Outback
Dam: 182518 MARC Ramona 36004
See results below.

Over the years the bulls that we have used and those that we have developed and bred in our program have been out of the most fertile productive dams. These are bulls with slightly lighter birthweights than the highest in the herd and their dams calved them unassisted. The dams of these bulls also calved unassisted with their first calf. The bulls when bred to first calf heifers had a high percent of unassisted births.

We cannot tolerate big slow calves; if the coyotes don't get them, something else will. Our cows average over 1200 pounds and can have up to 100 pound calves without problems breeding back.

Most of our bulls will adapt to cows that need to have smaller calves, hence our calves will weigh from 65 to 89 pounds for first calf heifers and 79 to 95 pounds from mature cows. In our herd cows must milk heavily and the calves grow on mostly grass and milk with very little supplement other than mineral.

We have been working on carcass traits since the early 1970's. In 1976 we had the All Breeds Reserve Grand Champion Get of Sire carcasses at the Indiana State Fair.

The results shown for GS380 are from the highly accredited Texas A&M University Texas Ranch to Rail Program.
In Wt.
Live Wt.
Pay Wt.
Dress %
Carcass Wt./
Day of Age
DOB: 2/15/95. This steer was in the top 17% of 1,567 head of all breeds on dollar value of the carcass, and was produced from a 2 year old first calf heifer, unassisted.

These attributes run deep in our herd. We also like for them to do as well in the show ring as possible. People will want cattle that have good conformation and are attractive, so they will sell better for them.

Our cattle must meet these functional and performance requirements if they are to be shown. For show, we feed a high fiber ration which takes longer to prepare the cattle for the show ring. Some times they aren't quite fat enough for the judge, but they will go back home and work on grass. That is what we are raising them to do.

There are numerous factors to consider in raising cattle. With Shaffer Red Polls, it is possible to start with cattle that are genetically sound and will perform on a good program of grass, proper herd health and sound management.




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